about us

ANTLR is an organization by and for trans people.

We are students, teachers, researchers, and advocates united in our passion for language research. Our areas of interest and expertise in language research are wide ranging, including formal, experimental, computational, sociological, and descriptive approaches to both core areas of linguistics and broader language research areas, such as media studies and language policy.

We use our areas of expertise to support and advocate for trans people. Our online community provides networking and professional support for members navigating academic and industry workplaces. Our members are also working to provide subfield-appropriate style guidelines for how to discuss gender expansive people in language research and drafting a guide for academic departments about how to be more inclusive of trans people in the classroom and in the workplace. Additional projects under development include researching and writing informational content about trans language-related issues, such as gender-neutral language projects and the impact of speech therapy on trans health and well-being.

Our projects stem from the conviction that trans people must have the rights to bodily self-determination, participation in public life, and self-expression in our languages. Our struggle to actualize these rights intersects with the struggles of other communities, and our members participate in many of these struggles simultaneously. Accordingly, we stand in solidarity with other communities advocating for similar rights on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, class, citizenship, ability, religion, and sexual orientation.


ANTLR was formed in Spring of 2022 by a small group of nonbinary and trans language researchers.